I hear the beginning’s a great place to start

Until recently, (about 5 minutes ago) I had a blog on Blogger. That didn’t work out so well because I limited myself to what I could post with the whole theme of the blog.  I decided instead of continuing with it, to begin again. That’s the short story long for you.


I’m kind of really excited for this new blog though (:


It’ll be a lot of stories about my daily mishaps/adventures, funny things, and possibly some excerpts from this writing exercises book I’m trying to work through. We’ll see.

Anyway, just wanted to write this first post and welcome you and myself. Bleh, this so cheesy. So, bye.




  1. First comment! I really hate when people post that in the comment area for articles and stuff. Like seriously, who cares if you’re the first commentor? True story.

    But seriously, you’re totally hilarious and if this blog is half as funny as your old one, I’m happy :D

    1. Thanks! Hopefully… :)

  2. haha how’d I know Picco would be here too?! <-*sarcasm there* ;) I'm definitely looking forward to reading your posts!!


    1. Umm, prolly because she is awesome :) Thanks! I hope you like them.

    2. Well look at us: Sarcasm Force 3. Woohoo! Actually Tia, I’m friends with Marie. We go to socially awkward day…err…I mean co-op together. She’s pretty cool.

      1. Yeah, haha I kind of figured that you and Marie are like in-person friends. I’m pretty sure I’m jealous. ;) I want to meet you so bad!! If she’s friends with you, then there’s no doubt she awesome, and amazingly awkward. and yes that is a compliment. ;)

        Sarcasm Force 3. love it.


      2. I am amazingly awkward if I do say so myself :)

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