Monthly Archives: February 2012

Top Island 5

I’ve decided to upcycle a few of the posts from my old blog before I delete it. This is one of them :) This crazy, amazing, 60 degree weather in February makes me totally happy. It’s sooo nice out! I think I may even do some schoolwork outside, if I’m not too distracted by blogging. […]

Day in the Life of One Fine Feline

This was a post I had written on my old blog and some readers there (actually, just one) liked it, so I thought I’d bring it on over here :) *** I, Sebastian Machocat, was born 4 years ago today. My life has been racked with many perils, including possums, starvation, rats, chickens, mistresses with […]

The Early Bird Falls Asleep in Class! Uh…what?

6:30 A.M. That is the time I had to wake up this morning. Why? I’m not glad you asked because now I have to tell you it was because I had to go to my home school co-op. Blegh :( JAAAAY KAYY! I love co-op (I have to retract my statements often otherwise people throw […]

The Tale of Deadpereaux

  I have this phobia. Of dead mice. Yeah, it’s kind of totally weird since I have no qualms with mice that are alive (besides the fact that they got into my granola and a loaf of really delicious French bread from Bread Co. grrr and may possibly try to live in my boots). I […]

Things to do when your computer is broken

My beautiful, little, white 6 year old Lenovo–her name: Minnie– has passed away. The screen is broken and she won’t turn on. I’m in mourning¬† :( And that’s for real because now I have to use my mom’s laptop which I can’t stand for the simple reason that it’s not my Minnie…and I have to […]