Things to do when your computer is broken

My beautiful, little, white 6 year old Lenovo–her name: Minnie– has passed away. The screen is broken and she won’t turn on. I’m in mourning  :( And that’s for real because now I have to use my mom’s laptop which I can’t stand for the simple reason that it’s not my Minnie…and I have to share it…and the space bar has a problem with me. Urgh.

Hey! I like Paint!

I guess it has been a little good for me because it’s forced me not to be on my computer so much and since it’s been dead I have:

1) finished sewing two skirts that have been sitting in my sewing box for a while (lie, I don’t have a sewing box; they’ve been sitting on my desk/bed when I’m not sleeping there.)

2) Finished the book I’ve been trying to read for British Literature for about 6 weeks. Which is pretty sad. I think I’ve renewed it from the library 5 times.Whoops. Now that I’m reading it, it’s actually a really great book:P

3) Read 3 other books! :) If you don’t have a library card (shame on you for not!!!) go get one right now. Hey, that wasn’t a joke. Seriously. Now. Go!

4) Slept more. I have to say Accomplishment #4 has been the most rewarding :) I love sleeping, it’s one of my favorite past times and I really excel at it.Unfortunately, you can’t put that on your highschool transcript.

5) I’ve wrote more of my novel, which is always good.

So I guess you could say losing my lovely laptop has been kind of good thing. Only problem now is that I need to save up for a new one and the one I want is kind of completely expensive. But also beautiful and amazing and I doubt I will ever have enough money saved up. Oh welllls.

On another note, DOWNTON ABBEY! Gah! I can’t wait for Sunday!…But OH WAIT superbowl is going to ruin my life because everyone will be watching that and not Downton *insert crying picture from above here*. Please mourn with me on the fact that I’ll have to wait till Monday to watch it.


Also it’s like 60 degrees here and I have to be doing school instead of being outside.

*double sigh*

Why is this post making me feel depressed all of a sudden? Hm…



  1. Aww I’m so sorry your computer broke down. That has to be the pits. I couldn’t even imagine. I panic when it freezes…so breaking down altogether? I’d be toast. But it sounds like you’ve accomplished a lot, so good for you!! I rarely go to the library, but I do have a card – *applause* haha.


    1. *applauds you* Having the card is the first step to complete domination–I mean what? Uhhh, I meant being able to check out books…

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