The Tale of Deadpereaux


I have this phobia.

Of dead mice.

Yeah, it’s kind of totally weird since I have no qualms with mice that are alive (besides the fact that they got into my granola and a loaf of really delicious French bread from Bread Co. grrr and may possibly try to live in my boots). I think it maybe have something to do with the fact that my brother chased me around the house with an electrocuted mouse a couple of years ago…Yeah, that was immensely traumatizing.

Now it’s time for: Story Time with Marie! Woot woot.

Last night I was relaxing in my arm chair with a cuppa (yes, that’s correct; I have an arm chair and I call my mug of tea a “cuppa” :) ) when I saw the tiniest little mouse ever. He was dark brown with huge adorable ears that were probably bigger than his body.

He kind of looked like this little fella sans that fact that it wasn’t a fictional character or quite this adorable.

Thanks Google

Anyway, I saw the mouse and was like, “GET ME A MOUSETRAP! I’VE FOUND THE BREAD EATING CULPRIT!” So I set a mousetrap under my chair and went to bed.

Poor little guy never had a chance. There was sunflower butter on the mousetrap :(

This morning I forced one of my brothers to get rid of the dead thing while I was out of the room, unfortunately for me he was slow doing it and I chose to come back into my room at the wrong time thus colliding with the dead mouse carrier.


I screamed quite loud.

Then I ate blueberry muffins and peaches for breakfast. Okay, end of story. Going to go do some school now. Yay!

That was sarcasm right there facts.




  1. All I could think about while I read this was the picture I have of Joe R. holding a dead mouse over his mouth. When we had a freaky mouse invasion (we caught nine baby mice in like two weeks. Ugh.), we heard a trap go off while he was over. He saw the dead mouse and was like “Ok, I’m going to take it out of the trap and dangle it over my mouth. Take a picture of it.” I seriously thought he was kidding. But he wasn’t. Blech. I might send it to you… ;)

    1. Hahahah! Obviously he’d been working on his dissertation entirely too much at that point ;)

  2. Dead mice are creepy. Well, dead…anything is kind of creepy. Because I always think that it’s going to jump and scare me. haha But I can totally understand. :P


    1. lol! I have the same fear :P And to think it was alive, then just dead weirds me out.

  3. I really hope I never have a mouse problem, because I’m squeamish over any dead things and I would have the hardest time killing them or even indirectly killing them by setting traps.That’s why I hate spiders so much. Okay, well, mostly because they’re hideous, demonlike creatures, but I really hate squashing/killing things and I really must kill spiders or they bite me at night when I’m sleeping.

    Anyway. What was I getting at here? Oh yes! If I have a mouse infestation ever in my life I’ll have to get kitties, because the only way I could exterminate cute little mousies is by adorable fluffy killer kitties. :P

    By the way, I outright shuddered at the electrocuted mouse thing. *shudder* There I go again. Electrocution is my number one phobia. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    1. Gah yes! About 5 minutes after I was nearly assaulted by the dead mouse, I was going down the basement stairs and a HUGE daddy long leg crawled in front of my face. It was kind of a “screamy” morning.

      I love kittens :) Unfortunately, my dog likes to chase my cat, so he doesn’t like to stick around…And yes, the electrocuted mouse thing was awful. I did some weird sort of hyperventilating laughing/crying thing. It was embarrassing.

  4. I don’t like mice either! Even though they are quite cute when they’re dead, seeing them scurrying about makes me shudder. I saw one in my garden one day and didn’t want to go out for a week.

    1. Something about their scurrying is unnerving :(

  5. MarianneMagic · · Reply

    That is such a good booooook

    1. I’m glad someone got the reference :)

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