The Early Bird Falls Asleep in Class! Uh…what?

6:30 A.M.

That is the time I had to wake up this morning. Why? I’m not glad you asked because now I have to tell you it was because I had to go to my home school co-op. Blegh :( JAAAAY KAYY! I love co-op (I have to retract my statements often otherwise people throw lemon pies at me. Yeah, it’s weird.)

I won’t bore you with the details of what co-op is so just imagine socially awkward teenagers who don’t get out of their houses often enough, together. On one floor. In the morning.

DISASTER is eminent.

Unless of course you fake illness and stay home and campaign for Kleenex as their number one user ;)

Fortunately, my religion teacher, he’s pretty cool. He uses foreign accents and says generally hilarious things (i.e. Today in a fake British accent he goes, “Oh my I need a spot of tea!” I almost died trying to contain my laughter.) My friends and I have been keeping an account of all his “quotes” and accents.

“Sit down tall blonde one you are easily distracted!”

“Don’t worry I hate everybody!”

Student A: “Why does it say ‘had had’?”  Him: “Because it’s pluperfect.”  Student A: “Uh…okay”

“If I like you, I’ll mock you; if I don’t, then I guess I don’t like you that much. I’m crazy like that.” (That one is taken from my younger brother’s class, but still it’s a keeper :))

I’m pretty sure we’re going to compile them all and put them in our total cool yearbook. Because we’re cool like that. So far he’s even done several variety of accents including Russian, Irish, Italian, and German. Last I heard he was trying to master the Scottish brogue :) Yeah…he’s awesome.


In other news, after being forced coerced gently nudged by Picco I sent a certain man of Britannic descent an anonymous valentine. There’s not much to say about it, beside 1) it was a Mr. T Valentine that had the line, “I pity the fool who falls in love” written on the front with a picture of the man himself 2) The Brit was totally creeped out 3) I think it’s beyond funny, in fact thinking about it makes me laugh :)

I think my stalker level just went up by like a million points after that one.

In other, other, news, I saw West Side Story and it WAS COMPLETELY AWESOME! Maria’s singing was a little shrill, but the dancing more than compensated for that :) I’ve been singing “America” all day and snapping my fingers. I apologize to those who had to deal with me today :)

You’re welcome




  1. Um, WHATEVER. I’m totally sick. And Kleenex is now officially the proud sponsor of Spoonlighting/my life. You only think I’m joking…

    I still wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking about that stupid valentine. Not really, but saying that sounded dramatic… Although I *do* second guess talking you into sending it a lot. Yes, talking you into it. I didn’t make you stand at the end of a plank on a pirate ship in shark-infested water, all while repeatedly whacking you with a foam swimming pool noodle until you decided to send it. I politely pushed it a few times and let it go. It’s all your fault that he thinks…well…knows I’m a total creeper now. Thanks a lot. Seesh.

    1. Sugar Mommy · · Reply

      Your mothers raised you wrong.

      1. I didn’t really fall asleep in class Sugar Mommy ;)

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