Top Island 5

I’ve decided to upcycle a few of the posts from my old blog before I delete it. This is one of them :)

This crazy, amazing, 60 degree weather in February makes me totally happy. It’s sooo nice out! I think I may even do some schoolwork outside, if I’m not too distracted by blogging. This is my third post in two days; I’m on a roll. Woohoo!

The weather reminds me of summer, which reminds me of swimming, which reminds me of boats, which reminds me planes, which reminds me of crashing on an island. Is that train of thought too long? Probably.

If I were stranded on an island what 5 things would I bring?

Spaghetti and Meatballs. *mouth watering*


One of my favorite books in the world.


This CD and maybe I could smuggle a few others in. Or I could make a mix. The possibilities are endless. I would have to have a CD player though…whoops.

Clothing: what do you wear on a deserted island anyway? This? (minus the earrings)? I dunno.

This to keep away the zombies that may or may not inhabit the island, and also to kill any polar bears or angry black smoke that may try to kill me (um, yes I did just make a Lost reference, deal with it.)


P.s. While I was searching for pictures of 4 barrel shotguns, I found a zombie website and this is a direct quote from it: “We are currently on a top secret mission somewhere in Western Africa, hunting and killing the worst kind of zombies we can find – with the awesome help of the local zombie-killing tribes!”

Um yeah.



  1. Ooo, I love thinking about stuff to bring on a deserted island! I think I did a post before on it, but didn’t include island wear! :o I must do a new one!!

    1. Hahah yeah me too! I figure it’s pretty important to be clothed, even when you’re stranded on an island.

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