I’m Gonna Rock it Up!

On Monday, I started taking swing dances lessons. All I have to say is if you have the opportunity to learn how to swing dance, (or at least dance well) seize it! I have seen so many people “dancing” that have really no idea at all what they are doing. Or more likely they are “free dancing” which, while it can be really fun with certain people, can quickly become err…for lack of a better word: obscene

It drives me bonkers! Dancing is a really fun social activity (one I actually like and am willing to participate in ;) and I think everyone should learn at least a little, even if they don’t master it completely.That way ladies, you won’t look like a fool when that really cute guys asks you to dance :) Heheh…um *cough* anyyywayyy.

The group I’m in is learning the Lindi Hop, which apparently is really hard. Grrrrreat…

The whole lesson we kept rotating partners, so I never go to really dance with just one guy, which is good because now I’ll be comfortable dancing with all of them. But it was pretty awkward the first time through…lol

By the time the lesson was over we looked like these people!

Um, actually. Total lie. We looked more like the Three Stooges…

Of course, we’re going to get much better and amaze everyone with our new found skills! I hope…

*The thing I really like about the first video is that EVERYONE is really good and are enjoying themselves immensely AND all the girls are wearing long skirts/dresses. Not that I think everyone should wear longs skirts all the time, but the very fact that those women are defying the logic of “you can’t dance in a long skirt” makes me very, very pleased :)



  1. Sounds like fun!!


  2. I agree that everyone should learn SOME form of dance. Definitely want to be prepared for when that sexy someone asks you to dance. Go you.

    1. Exactly :) Thanks for commenting!

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