Book Spotlight: Writing Magic

I recently finished the book, Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine. My review is 5 stars. If you are having trouble finding writing inspiration or keep getting stuck in the middle of a story and can’t seem to find your way out, this book is for you!

If you’ve ever read any of Ms. Levine’s books (Ella Enchanted and Dave at Night, anyone?) you’ll already know that she’s an amazing writer and storyteller. But if you haven’t read any of her stuff, you are in for a fantastic treat!

Yes, yes, blah, blah, I know all of her stuff is directed to a younger audience, but I still think it’s worth reading when you are, like me, er…older-ish. My opinion is that fairy tales are for all ages and shouldn’t be limited to those who haven’t gone through puberty.

Anyway, Writing Magic is stock full of little chapters with really helpful exercises at the end of them. Maybe it’s because I’m kind of obsessed with textbooks and schoolwork, but I found the exercises (actually, the whole book) to be really useful and edifying. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, whether you are trying to write a novel or an essay.

It’s cool like that ;)

Also, Ms. Levine is really funny, so you could read it for the humor too.



  1. Seeing Levine made me think of Adam Levine and now all I want to do is listen to the Maroon 5 Songs About Jane album. My train of thought is so weird sometimes…

    1. Hahah you’re too funny :P Adam Levine is a beast. I approve your train of thought.

  2. Yes! Fairy tales are so for everyone. I love fairytales! :)

    1. Thanks Ashley! Me too :)

  3. I saw Ella Enchanted but I never knew it was a book.
    This is news!
    I love news.

    1. Yeppers! The movie pales several shades lighter than my face in comparison to the book. In fact, the movie should be shunned by all who adore the book, like me :)

      P.s. I’m pretty sure I follow you on pinterest…?

      1. kaitkatjane · ·

        Yeaaaah that’s usually how it works. I hate Hollywood sometimes.
        Except the Hunger Games. They did pretty darn good with that one.

        And yep, you do! And I follow you, also.
        Yay for following!

      2. Hunger Games was amazing!! Gary Ross = Genius. Lol yes. When something like this happens I just blame Picco :D

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