Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Loss of an Internet Connection

So the whole dress challenge is going really well considering how hard it is for me to commit to stuff. I’ve worn dresses fours days out of the five I’ve been participating. I’m pretty excited that I’ve gotten this far. Unfortunately, my camera broke on day three so I can’t post anymore pictures until I […]

Days of Dresses #2. Also know as I have a bad camera.

I was mildly surprised this morning when I got up and actually put a dress on. Before I went to sleep yesterday I was kind of like, “Ehh, I don’t know if this is for me.” And then BAM, this morning my brain is like, “Fool, you gonna wear a dress today!” Ta Da! That […]

Days of Dresses Challenge…And we’re off!

I decided to follow Mara (check out her blog, link on the right side of this page!) in her 30 Day Dress challenge, in which you wear dresses every day for as long as you have dresses. So I decided, after much deliberation since I don’t particularly like pictures of myself (I tend to look […]