Days of Dresses Challenge…And we’re off!

I decided to follow Mara (check out her blog, link on the right side of this page!) in her 30 Day Dress challenge, in which you wear dresses every day for as long as you have dresses.

So I decided, after much deliberation since I don’t particularly like pictures of myself (I tend to look pretty awkward) to go ahead and join in. I mean the most that could happen was that someone comments on how fantastic I am. Uh, wait… Was that out loud?

Anywho this is the the outfit I wore yesterday. I only have 14 dresses currently, so this challenge will only be half as long as everyone else, but that’s okay :) As you can tell, I’m on the awkward side of not so photogenic and I’ve never had a whole lot of pictures taken of me, so I’m not sure how to pose. In the end, I just decided to copy other people around me.

This dress has a full skirt so it’s perfect for spinning and dancing in. Hence, the twirling picture. I know that in some of the pictures my dress looks blue and in some green, but it’s actually blue :) It just looks different because of the super amazing editing my friend, Picco did for me. She also took the pictures :) *applause*

Dress: Gift from my aunt.

Sweater: Thrifted $8,originally from J. Crew.

Shoes: Shoe Carnival $20

Earrings: Gift from friend.

Hairband on wrist: hey, you’re suppose to ignore that!!



  1. Kaity-Jane · · Reply

    I would get approximately three days into this challenge before running out of dresses.
    Isn’t this just sad?
    Oh well.
    That dress is so cute and the hairband totally pull the outfit off.

    1. Hey don’t worry about it. I was blown away when I realized I had even 14 dresses!

      Lol thanks :)

  2. Hey your 14 dresses beat my 2. haha I wouldn’t make it in this challenge if I tried! :) I like your dress!!


    1. Thanks! I use to have only a few, but once I realized how comfy they are, I changed my mind :D

  3. Ah, you look so cute! I REALLY love the color of your cardigan. If I knew where you lived, I would definitely steal it. Hehe.

    1. Hey thanks! It’s this awesome coral color, even though it looks different in every picture. I wear it almost every day in the summertime.

  4. Aw, I’m jealous now that so many bloggy friends are doing this challenge and I cannot! I have a strict work uniform that requires colorful polo shirts and pants. But I would love to join you all. Maybe when I get back from the UK, I’ll take on this challenge as a “dresses for every day except when I work” type deal. :P

    And you look adorable, m’dear! Love the cardigan paired with that dress!

    1. Thanks! :) It was pretty fun while it lasted. I have a whole new outlook on dresses and wearing them. You definitely should do it.

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