The Loss of an Internet Connection

So the whole dress challenge is going really well considering how hard it is for me to commit to stuff. I’ve worn dresses fours days out of the five I’ve been participating. I’m pretty excited that I’ve gotten this far. Unfortunately, my camera broke on day three so I can’t post anymore pictures until I get a new one. I like this one. But if someone knows of an excellent, cheap camera (ha! what an oxymoron) let me know :)

The next two weeks are going to be super busy here at my house since my brother (who owns a construction business) is renovating our dining room and living room. Hopefully, I’ll get my camera soon and I can post some pictures of before and after. But anyway, since those two rooms are completely empty, I’m not going to have an internet connection (or telephone for that matter) for a couple of weeks. I know right? I’m already going through internet withdrawal and it’s only been a day.

Here’s a cool camera that I also want to get. The pictures come out slightly faded and the colors run around the edges. Which translates into looking really awesome :D

It costs about $30 + film, so for the really neat and unique pictures it takes, I definitely think it’s a steal. Annnd pretty much that’s all there is to be said today. Have a Happy Sunday!



  1. Um, coolest camera ever? If you get this and you find it goes missing in the night…don’t blame me.

    1. I will be searching your house first :)

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