Miss me, darling?

My happiness right now is two-fold.

The chairs don’t match right now and I have no idea how the lamp got there…

The construction on my house is finished and we now have a brand-new, beautiful dining room and living room! Also we have central air, which makes me very, very happy (it gets very hot here in the summer). The project was only supposed to take two weeks, but  instead it took like 3 1/2, which actually isn’t too bad considering that the last bit of renovation we did took about 6 months. Blech.

If you ever had the misfortune to see our living room/dining room before the renovation, you will appreciate these photos. My brother, Chris, who owns his own business, was in charge of the renovations and he did a really great job. Most of what I did was complain about the mess :)

But, wait! Didn’t I mention how my happiness was two-fold? Also I suppose you may be wondering how in the world I was able to take such fantastic photos with my shoddy (not to mention, broken) camera.

This little beauty is the how!

I was able to buy a new camera about a week or so ago for about $150. I’ve been enamored with it ever since and seize every opportunity to snap a shot. I may become one of those annoying people who takes pictures of everything…but I hope not :P

Speaking of taking pictures of everything, here’s my dog.

The one and only, hyperactive: Denmark.

Just try and tell me he isn’t the most beautiful dog ever.

Anyway, just wanted to say I’m back and gearing up for some soon-to-be-posted posts/tutorials. Till then!


P.s. I was in the mood to change the blog format. How do you likey likey? :)



  1. You’re alive!!!! Oh thank the Lord Almighty. I was getting worried to the point of almost calling the FBI and reporting you as a missing person…uhhh, even though I saw you yesterday. But whateves.

    I’m not really sure what to say, since I saw these picture about 27 hours ago. But your living/dining room looks simply smashing. I’m digging the random lamp on the table ;)

    1. Heheh thanks yo! Uh whatever, these are not the same pictures I showed you, even though they look exactly the same. Somehow I didn’t think my dad wanted a picture of himself sleeping in his chair posted on the internet…:)

  2. Kaity-Jane · · Reply

    Ooh, I likey likey a lotty lotty and I thinky thinky yeah I’m being stupid again.
    Love the new look! It’s cute. So is your dog.

    And y’alls living room and dining room are gorgeous! Lovin’ the colors!

    1. I talk like that all the time, so it sounds completely normal to me. Thanks! I helped my parents decided on them.

  3. Marie! Glad to have you back. :D I know how it feels to be in the middle of a remodeling. Everything is chaos.

    Your dog is so cute! Is he a lab?

    And yes, I like your new theme – it looks great! :D


    1. Gah! It’s really gross and annoying. This time around wasn’t as bad. When we renovated our 2nd floor, we slept in a tent…in our backyard. Blechh :(

      Yes, he is! He’s also allegedly part mastiff, but given that he’s smaller than most labs, I kind of doubt it.
      Thanks! It’s much more me I think.

  4. central air, whoop whoop! That’s amazing, I love the crown molding! Congrats :) and your dog is super cute

    1. Thanks for commenting! The last time we had anything close to AC was when the heating broke in the winter and spat out cold air…not exactly what we were looking for.

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