Good News! You can be as cool as me

A little while ago, my friend Amelia send me a link to a really cool shoelace tying website. They had hundreds of super awesome techniques and patterns that I’ve been wanting to try. I (finally) bought some Converse on Sunday and got to try out some tying patterns. Needless to say, I had a really good time today. I thought it’d be pretty cool to show you how I tied mine. Which didn’t occur to me until after I’d done the first show. In fact, you’re pretty lucky I thought of posting it…since it’s awesome ;)

Anyway. Just so it’s clear, I didn’t come up with this pattern, it’s from THIS website. I’m simply posting pictures of how to do the steps, because honestly, it can get confusing for people like me. Imeanwhat? :)

1. Start with some super cool navy high tops. (My mom likes to remind me that these expensive shoes I bought are the same ones she wore in gym class as a kid. Whatever, Mom. They’re still amazing.)

2. Thread the laces through the 2nd to last eyes (eyelets? holes? grommets?) and have them come out the ends.

3. Thread the laces back down through the first eyes that you skipped.

4. Take the lace on the left hand side and bring it up through the next available eye on the right side.

5. Do the same as you did in step 4. except bring the right lace through the left eye.

6. Take the lace on the left and put it through the loop below it. Repeat with the right lace.

7. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6, threading the laces through holes on opposite sides.

8. Go all the way the top and pray you have long enough laces.

9. Admire your awesome handy work.

I left the top holes open because it gives me more movement when I walk –also my laces weren’t long enough. Oops. hehe.

There are TONS of other lace designs you can check out (and experiment with?) on the same website this one is from. So go have some fun with it! I actually got a few comments from people at work about how cool my laces looked. Awww yeah, I’m that popular…





  1. Awesomesauce. Seriously. I really want to try some different patterns on my Converse now! Oh, and even though they were everyday shoes when our parents were kids, Converse are still ah-mazing. :D


    1. I know right! These shoes will rock your socks (literally) :)

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