A is for Apple, At Last, and Alex Stoddard

I haven’t been a very devoted blogger lately. I’m not going to apologize for being busy and having to work every night, but I am anyway. Wait a second…that sounds a lot like an apology :)

To get myself back into the blogging spirit of things, I’ve decided to steal from Kait and do the ABC posting challenge she did a little while ago. I have a few ideas for it, so it should be fun. I’m pretty excited at least :) On another topic, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and that they have realized by now, it’s not Monday, but Thursday! That means the weekend will be here sooner than you thought. I love when that happens.

A is for my love of  APPLE! No, not the munching, chomping kind you feed to horses (although, I love those too), but the real deal, ultra light, and pure as silk technology.

Still not sure what I’m talking about?

Yeeaaaah. Happiness.


A is for AT LAST!

After I finished working out, I had a hankering for this song. Pretty much I’ve listened to it all morning now. Hmm.


A is for Alex Stoddard. Last but not least is this amazing photographer I discovered this morning. His work is very beautiful, in a strange, ethereal, and almost morbid way. Nevertheless, it does provoke a lot of emotions with in you, which is what I think art should do. He gets another fan from me :) But be warned if you are a little sensitive towards nekkidness, some of his pictures stray towards that. Just sayin’.

Have a great Thursday and listen to some Etta James, yall!



One comment

  1. Alex Stoddard is amazing. Ah, I so want to get into that type of photography. I love it!

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