C is for Contacts

I got contacts yesterday! Yay!! :)It’s kind of a big deal.

You see, I’ve had glasses since I was 12 (ish? Maybe 13? I don’t really remember). My first pair were thin and purple and came from Walmart. About 6 months later, however, I was plagued with horrible migraines, so I went to a new doctor and got better prescriptions. When the headaches subsisted, I had to go back and get bifocals. I know what you’re thinking, “a 13/14 year old has to get bifocals?? ABSURD.” That’s what I thought also. Anyways, I’ve had those until  I upgraded about a year ago from oval shaped bifocals to more scholarly rectangle ones :)Because I’m cool and academic like that.


My super nice doctor put them in for me the first time, which was awesome except one lens had a speck of something in it that kept poking my eye. Owie.

Then I had to go take them out myself with a different doctor lady. That was interesting. The scene went something like this:

Me: It won’t let me pick it up…

Doctor: *gives advice that makes no sense*

Me: Oh? Um, okay. (What?)

I’m pretty sure it took me 10 minutes to just get the right lens in place.

Me: One down! Sorry for taking so long. I was making some pretty weird faces wasn’t I? haha…

Doctor: Yes, you were. Everyone does.

Me: Oh. (Awkward.)

10 Minutes Later…

Me: YES! Both in :)

Doctor: Okay, now take them out again and then put them back in.


Yeah, so I think you get the drift of what went on. I was there for over an hour. So exciting, right? *sarcasm* I like them a lot so far. It’s really nice not having to worry about whether my glasses are clean or whether I’m going to get smacked in the face at some point and have broken glasses. AND no glasses glare in pictures! But the best part is that I can wear sunglasses. Not even joking. Mine are so cool too!

Do any of my blogging friends have glasses? Or contacts?



  1. I has glasses! As you probably totally already know.
    I actually like mine though. You should try getting colored contacts.
    Or ones like these –http://www.coloured-contacts-hut.com/uk/edit-coloured-lenses/wolf-coloured-contacts/?cr=USD

    1. Yeah, I couldn’t tell from looking at your picture ;) I like mine too, but I wanted to have the option of having both.

      Ooh those are so cool! I could dress up as one of those wolves from that one Doctor Who episode!

  2. I used to wear glasses, but almost a year ago I decided that I didn’t want to wear them anymore, for lots of reasons. So, no, I don’t have glasses…and no I don’t have contacts. I’m too lazy to try putting them in and out of my eyes for an hour under pressure in front of the doctor. haha However, my eyesight isn’t *terrible* so I only need to wear them when I drive or watch a movie or something.

    Congrats on your contacts!! I bet it’s exciting. And you’re right – the best part is getting to wear sunglasses. I have thoroughly enjoyed that part. ;)


    1. Heheh yeah, My eye sight is very, very bad. If I was standing a couple yards from a stop sign I wouldn’t even be able to read it. Eeek. (Of course it’s red and in the middle of the grass next to a street, so I would still know it’s a stop sign…:P)

      Yes, it’s so awesome!!

  3. That’s exciting! I have glasses, and I so want to get contacts. I hate the glare that comes with having glasses and taking pictures.

    1. I think that’s what bothers me the most about having glasses. That and not being able to see when I put my make up on :P

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