The Tagging Game

A little bit ago, Tia tagged me in one of those tagging post things. I haven’t done it yet, mostly because I’m a lazy kind of blogger and I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say. I mean, seriously, 11 random facts about myself? I don’t know. I can be pretty boring…I guess you’ll have to bear with me.

The rules are that you have to list 11 facts about yourself (you may nod off during this part of the post), answer 11 questions, tag 4 people, and ask them 11 questions. Confused yet? Because I am.

1) One of my favorite movies is “10 Things I Hate About You.” NOT the lame-o tv show, but the Heath Ledger starring movie.

2) I was homeschooled from K-12th.

3) I think of really good comebacks to insults…days after someone make them. (Sleeping yet?)

4) I have 11 brothers and 1 sister (You heard me. No, I’m not joking).

5) I randomly speak in an accent to people to alleviate stressful and/or awkward situations.

6) Because of fact #5) my coworkers think I’m pretty weird.

7) I’ve never been out of the country (sadness).

8) I love, love, love sewing!

9) I’m not a hipster. That’s so mainstream.

10) I love locally owned businesses, like coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and vintage shops.

11) I use to have a goat named Bluebell.

Yay, I thought of 11 things and hopefully you’re not asleep. Now, I suppose is the time I tag people? And if you don’t really feel like completing this, that’s totally cool :P

Mara I mean, KRISTINA (I’m never gonna get use to that!) @ Eccentric Owl

Emily @ What Emily Did Next

Beth @ Hear a Snippet Here

Kait @ Kaitlynology (Yes, I know Picco already tagged you but um, who cares?)

Now to answer Tia’s questions:

1) What is your all-time favorite book?  It can be a series as well. Twilight. Definitely Twilight.

Hahahahahah I crack myself up. But for real, I think it’s a toss up between Jane Eyre, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Fahrenheit 451, and the Sword of Truth Series. Oh, wait did you say just one? Because, sorry, that’s just not possible.

2) Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rochester? Um, hello, obviously, Team Edward…Rochester :)

3) Converse or Vans? I’ve never worn/owned a pair of Vans, so I guess Converse?

4) Favorite dessert? Much like my love for books, my love for dessert is endless. I’ll go with French Silk Pie.

5) Favorite superhero? Batman ( I use to watch the animated tv show religiously, every Saturday).

6) If you could play any instrument, regardless of your skills or lifestyle, what would it be? Acoustic guitar!

7) In general, do you gravitate more towards books or movies?Books, although occasionally I’ll enjoy the movie adaption of a book more than the book itself (i.e. Stardust).

8) If you could meet any artist (singer – past or present), who would it be? The head singer of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon. I love that man.

9) Favorite T.V. show? Doctor Who? Fringe? The Mentalist? Bones? The Office? Lost? Too many to choose from!

10) If you could have the wildest phrase for your epitaph, what would it be? “Death is a bit more radical than puberty, but nothing to get upset about.”

11) What day do you look forward to most in a week? Monday! I know it’s weird, but I never have to work on Mondays so I love it. Also it’s the beginning of the week, so you can restart your neglected diet or exercise regimen, without feeling guilty!
Now for my 11 questions!

1) If you could dye your hair any color for a day, with no judgment from anyone else, what color would you pick?

2) If you got a tattoo what would it be? (Even if you would never normally get one!)

3) Favorite quote?

4) Worst book/movie you ever read/saw?

5) If you could go back in time and change something what would it be? (It doesn’t have to involve you)

6) What’s your most improbable dream/goal?

7) What was the last book you read?

8) Why did you start your blog?

9) What’s your favorite newspaper comic?

10) Hipster or Celebrity?

11) What rhymes with orange?

Have fun!!



  1. Good job! I’m so glad you did it, Marie! I love your answers (finally, someone who loves Mr. Rochester same as me!!), and your questions are amazing. I almost wish I could answer them as well. ;) This has been so fun – thanks for playing!


    1. Ahh yes, he’s so amazing. Did you see the new movie adaption they made last December? I liked Michael Fassbender, but Toby Stephens will forever be my Rochester :) lol.

      Thanks for tagging me!

      1. I haven’t seen that one…personally, my all time favorite is the BBC version with Timothy Dalton as Rochester. I haven’t seen the one with Toby Stephens either…hmm, maybe I should watch some more. I’m just so loyal to the book, movie adaptations usually disappoint me. It’s a sad day when that happens. ;)


      2. My dad tried to make me watch a bunch of different versions. I got half way through one and I was like, “Bleh! No, i can’t stand this any longer!” lol. I’m pretty particular about my movie adaptions. I probably like the Toby Stephens version (Masterpiece Theatre) because it’s the one that inspired me to read the books.

      3. Oh! So you watched the movies before reading the books. I read the books first…which unfortunately made me really picky about the movies. I think that’s a good thing, though. ;) The only movie that I’ve seen to come close to a book is the Princess Bride, which makes sense, considering that the author was involved in the movie making. :)


      4. Well, it’s a bbc miniseries that was on tv and I watched the first episode and was like “Oh my gosh, I need to read this now.” So I took my dad’s copy and read the whole thing that night :P

        I love that book/movie!

      5. *whoa* – you read all of Jane Eyre in one night?! That is incredible!


      6. I was really excited…

  2. First off, lazy bloggers unite!! But let’s not make a post about it, because we’re too lazy to make more work for ourselves in the blogging sphere. ;)

    I didn’t know you had so many siblings! I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters, which most people think is a lot, but I also have a coworker who is one of 15 kids, so I’m not even special anymore. :P

    Someday you are totally going to England and you will have an immensely wondrous time and I will be super excited for you and you will post all about it! (And probably take a long time to post about it, like me. Because we’re lazy bloggers. :P)

    I love the questions you picked! I’ll probably start filling those out right away while the good answers are still on my mind. Hehehe. Thanks for the tag! I look forward to doing this at some point… oh, and I did not fall asleep. Not even a little bit. ;)

    1. Hahah yes! Procrastination at it’s best. I’m pretty sure blogging was the *only* productive thing I did all day. That’s cool! We actually adopted three of my brothers about 5 years ago, so up til then we had the same number as you!

      I. Need. To. Go. There. I’m seriously picking that place for my study abroad in a few years!! :)

  3. Ooh, I love these and I haven’t done one in FOREVER. So I’m gonna do it tomorrow.
    Haha, and it’s okay– the other day, I was commenting on a blog and I put my name as Mara without even thinking about it. Call me Mara, I don’t care. I still answer to it. :D
    Also, the 11 brothers and 1 sister thing… is awesome. Mr. Owl has seven siblings, and my uncle had 11 kids, so I think big families are great. (And I find it hilarious that my mom says people used to look at her with her four kids and say “Wow, you have such a big family!” Cuz really, four? Not that many.)

    1. Yes, they’re so interesting and fun! I love answering weird questions lol. Big families are the bomb. But like I told someone yesterday, even if you only have 4-5 kids, it’s still a lot for you personally! To each his one.

      Oh, yeah. We always get looks like that. lol

  4. Since I already did one with Picco, I’ll just answer your questions here. But before that, AWESOME! You have a big family too! Sweeeeeeeet.

    1) If you could dye your hair any color for a day, with no judgment from anyone else, what color would you pick?

    I’d want some heavy highlights of blue, I think.

    2) If you got a tattoo what would it be? (Even if you would never normally get one!)

    Something I’d never ever regret getting. Like a TARDIS. Hehehe.

    3) Favorite quote?

    Oooh, that changes all the time. But at the moment, my favorite is — “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

    4) Worst book/movie you ever read/saw?

    Twilight. No joke, it bored me to death. Didn’t even finish it. Also, it was dumb.
    And as far as a movie, What Dreams May Come was the WORST movie I have EVER seen.

    5) If you could go back in time and change something what would it be? (It doesn’t have to involve you)

    Nothing. I like history the way it is.

    6) What’s your most improbable dream/goal?

    Live in London.

    7) What was the last book you read?

    Some book called Love Finds you in Mackinac Island. I got it from a review company. I swear, I didn’t sign up for it but they insist I did so now I have to read this cheesy romance and write a review on it.

    8) Why did you start your blog?

    2006. Woooooow that was a long time ago.

    9) What’s your favorite newspaper comic?


    10) Hipster or Celebrity?

    Umm, neither really. But I lean towards hipster. Mom insists that I’m indie.

    11) What rhymes with orange?

    No it doesn’t. How on earth do “What” and “orange” sound alike to you?

  5. […] Marie tagged me, and since I haven’t done that in forever, here […]

  6. Thanks for tagging me! :) I will post it on my own blog whenever I get round to it- I find it quite difficult filling these in for some reason so could be a while.

    I love locally owned businesses too. It’s always nice when you’re travelling to a different place, to find a small local business than head straight to the nearest chain coffee shop.

    1. Sure! No rush.

      Exactly. I’ll skip the Starbucks thank you very much.

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