O, wonderous weekend, how I have missed thee!

It’s official: I’ve survived the first three weeks of college.

Audience says,  “But Marie, we didn’t know you were even in college, let alone graduated from highschool.”

Whoops, silly me! Yes, I was homeschooled all my school-age life and I’m now at the University of Awesome, getting my degree in Flipping Fantastic with a concentration in Hipster Musical Tastes. Like I said, I’m surviving.

Of course when I say “I’m surviving” I actually mean, “Ohmygoshwhydididecidetogotocollegeihavesomuchfreakinghomework!?!!?”

Perhaps you’re a little confused by what I mean. If so, let me give you a look at my typical day.

I have to get up at the ungodly hour of 6am. I possess the unique inability to shower in the evening–it wakes me up and I can’t sleep, so I have to shower/dry my hair/do makeup in less than an hour. In the morning. At 6am. Fact: don’t try and text/call/talk me in the morning; I’ll probably ignore you, because it’s so early. I have to be on the train by 7:30, which means I have to leave at 7:20 in order to get there on time. Sounds simple right? Wrong. I’m barely ever on time. I still haven’t figured out why yet…oh maybe because (did I mention it yet?) I have to wake up at 6am. Every.Morning.

…But not like I’m complaining or anything.

On Mondays and Wednesday, I have a 9:30 class. You may be wondering,”Marie, why do you get up so early when you’re first class isn’t until a much more appropriate hour?” Commuter. That is why. I’m not sure if I mentioned that detail. But, yes, I am and it’s impossible to study at my house so I get to school early to do homework.

After my first class, I have to sprint across campus to my second class. Imagine: class is in 15 minutes. You can walk there in 20. Problems with this? None perceivable from your professors’ or advisers’ points of view apparently. This is my last class for the day, which is nice. I get to spend the rest of the day studying and doing homework (yay?). Tuesdays and Thursdays are different since I have class from 11am-3:15 (I usually eat in between when I’m not running across campus), after which I have to get back on the train by 3:30 in order to get to work by 4:30.

You can imagine my relief when the weekend finally gets here and I think I’m about to relax. WRONG AGAIN. My professors all email me with homework that’s due either Monday night or Sunday night. I guess I know what weekends are for… :)


Living the college life, am I right?



  1. tiallarising · · Reply

    I have to wake up at 6am every morning as well…so you are not alone. However, I exercise first thing in the morning to wake me up and that helps a LOT. :) happy college days!


    1. I can’t even imagine exercising that early. It’s possible I might die from it :P

      Thanks for commenting :)

      1. haha. If I can do it, I’m sure you could do it too. :D


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