Finally a month that begins on Monday


Everyone has them it seems me except me. Mine list of goals usually looks like this: 1) Survive this week. 2) See #1) then repeat. I’ve decided that I need better ones that those and I need to post them here so that the mysterious ocean that is the internet can hold me responsible (?).

I’ve really admire the bloggers who post their monthly goals. It’s kind of a brave thing to do (not that suddenly I’m being brave or something), sharing your long term goals with people. It’s pretty personal. I’ve been meaning to write a post on my monthly goals. But the first of the month hasn’t landed on a Monday in a while and I absolutely can’t start a routine not on a Monday. That makes total sense, right?

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t.

It’s a thing. Don’t judge.


October Goals

1. Keep on top of school assignments and don’t procrastinate! This one is at the top of every single list I’ve ever made. I have a really bad habit of waiting to finish my paper until the hour or so before it’s due. I usually joke about how I’m such a procrastinator and proud of it; now that I’ve entered college, my procrastinating ways are going to bite me in the butt because my grades are really starting to matter. Especially when it comes to practicing violin. I often neglect it so that two days before my lesson, I haven’t practiced at all. OOPS.

SO the positive spin to this goal is: do plan my time better.

2. Eat less sugar; limit yourself to one-two sugary thing a week.* I almost started to type “eat more vegetables” when I realized, what the heck am I talking about? I eat a huge amount of fresh veggies. It’s one of the most prominent of food products in my house (vegan Daddy, remember?)! What I really need to cut back on is sugar. Sodas, flavored coffees, cookies, muffins, and everything else I overeat on! It really does impede my ability to lose weight and it’s holding me back from having great skin. I know that I won’t be able to cut it out immediately, which is why I’m limiting myself to 1-2 a week to begin with. *Keep in mind, I’m drinking a Coke while writing this haha :)

3. Make at least 2 pieces of clothing. One of my passions is sewing. I fell in love with it the second my brother showed me how to sew a button back on my shirt when I was eight. Unfortunately, with my school and work schedule I don’t have a lot of time to sew during the week and on the weekends all I want to do is lay around in my sleepers and browse Pinterest (actually I want to do that everyday). But I’m going to make time to sew instead of lazing around. Yay for productivity!

4. Walk instead of riding when at all possible. My school has a really large campus and I take the shuttle in order to get to class on time. Sometimes when my class gets out early or I simply have time, I walk across campus. But, sometimes I’m lazy and ride the shuttle when I ought to walk. It’s good for me and is helping keep me fit, especially now that I don’t have a whole lot of time to work out. This one will definitely be hard to stick to, but I’m definitely willing to try.

5. Blog at least once a week. Um, yeah. *blush* I forget.

6. Girl, don’t go crazy here; 5 goals is enough! Phew.

Who wants to take bets on how long my goals last?? I kid…But seriously people, you could probably make pretty good money in such an endeavor.

Do you all have any goals, and do these sound realistic?





  1. I just made a list of goals! I don’t usually start a list so late in the year, but something about October 1st being on a Monday… and it’s my birth month! AND I have a ton of stuff to get done. But yeah, anyway… my list is 40 goals long. I probably won’t post it because you’d all fall asleep after the first sixteen. :P Or maybe I’ll post them as one long list and see who gets through it as a twisted kind of challenge. Bwahaha!

    You have some excellent, realistic goals. Mine vary from the pretty near impossible to the “Why is this even on the list? I can do that in two seconds?” I’m not good at editing. :P

    1. Exactly! I don’t usually either but I’m justifying it as you read above and it’s a new season–Autumn. Also I love October :)

      Hahah, now I want to read your list!

  2. I think those goals sound pretty realistic! The hardest thing for me on that list would be cutting out the sugars. I mean, I don’t eat all that much sugar, but I do really like frappuccinos and soda, so…yeah that would be hard.

    Good job on making your goals! Just writing them out is a step in the right direction. ;)


    1. Thanks! Yeah, limiting my mocha coffee and soda intake is really hard :/

  3. Yes, realistic. You got that! If I can quit smoking you can definitely blog more.

  4. this is a great idea! I have pretty much all the same goals too :D good luck! I believe in you

    1. I totally stole it from someone else, but thanks! :)

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