Make Yourself a Fabulous Fabric Cork Board

I’ve been seeing some really pretty fabric cork boards all over Pinterest and I’m totally in love with them. I bought this beautiful blue fabric at Joann’s the other day, and I thought this would be the perfect use for it. This post is simply a step by step of how I made mine (I did it all by myself, without looking at other blog posts in case you were wondering. I know I’m impressed as well). It’s really easy and takes only about 20 minutes.


Obviously I love mine because it has stuff all over it already and I don’t have a picture without anything on it.

Step Uno: Stop what you are doing and get yourself these ingredients:

ingredients for awesome

1) Cork board, duh (not pictured). Cost: $9

2) Enough fabric to cover your cork board with approximately 2-3″ over the side. I used about 1/2 yard and I didn’t wash it. Marie the rebel.  Cost: $3

3) Iron. Cost: Mom bought it he he he.

4) Ruler (ONLY the pink flexible useless kind). Cost: Priceless, this is a prehistoric item

5) Staple Gun (an old paint flecked one preferably). Cost: also prehistoric

6) Pencil. Cost: $356.89

7) Scotch Guard, but feel free to skip this if you want to have a dirty, dust covered cork board. Cost: Nothing if you skip this step.

But seriously all around this project cost me about $12-13.

Step Dos:


Open out your fabric and iron it, then lay your cork board in the center of it. Make sure that there is about 2-3″ on ever side of your board. Also make sure you do all of these steps on an antique table that was thrifted from an obscure vintage shop.

draw some squares

After this draw 2 straight lines with your ruler and pencil from every corner of the cork board to the edge of the fabric. This helps you make sure your cork board is centered when you are stapling later on.

Step Tres: It doesn’t really matter if you do the corners first then the sides, but I think it is the easiest. To do so, you turn in the middle (outer) corner of the fabric, then turn in one side, then the other and staple.Bulletin Board Tut

Repeat on all the corners, then fold over the sides keeping your fabric pretty taunt across the board and staple it all down.

Step Cuatro:

Scotch guard that little beauty and hang it up on a random wall! I just used the adhesive stuff that came with my cork board. Yay me for not wanting to drill into my freshly painted walls.


Enjoy your beautiful new cork board! And ignore the fact that the slip cover on my desk chair isn’t actually finished…



  1. Yes, I am finally reading your blog. I still haven’t read the post before this one. #lazy… . Is that an Honor Society concert ticket?!

    Also, I’m *totally* judging you and your unfinished chair cover thing. Fyi, yo.

    1. It definitely is an Honor Society ticket and behind it is one from LES MIZ! I can’t find my Mumford and Sons ticket though ;(

  2. Are you sick of me yet? I nominated you for another award. You should check it out! ;)

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