Things You May Need To Know

Hey there and welcome!

My name is Marie and I love reading, writing, and words in general.

I like music.

I like musicals.

I like Oxford commas.

I like British stuff.

I like laughing.

I’d like to travel the world.

I like yummy food.

I’d like to actually finish writing a book.

I like pretty clothes.

People are generally pretty cool.

I {heart} my humidifier!

I like free stuff.

I like TV shows.

I like that you’re still reading this ;)

I started this blog as a place to practice writing and to tell my weird stories to those who aren’t only my family.



  1. I’m so following you. :) Also known as stalking you. i can tell you sound amazing and a lot like me, just by how you write. :D


    1. Haha thanks! Homeschool writing skills here :) I can tell you are awesome by the number of smileys in your comment. I use so many of them hehe:)

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