Bucket List

Things I must do in no particular order  :)

Write a book.

Survive 2012.

Stop procrastinating.

Send an anonymous valentine.

Run a 5K.

Pose as a statue in a foreign country.

Make my bed.

Make a time capsule.

Backpack through Europe and see the sights.

Sleep in a hostel.

Attend World Youth Day.

Make a Sock Monkey.

Sleep in a castle.

Make a music video.

Learn my blood type.

Learn Morse Code.

Go on a roadtrip–to/in Scotland.

Give Blood.

Finish Morte D’Arthur.

Finish highschool.

Finish David Copperfield.


Draw a huge smiley face in the middle of the road.

Call a radio station.

Meet the Pope.

Achieve my goal weight. MORE coming soon!



  1. Elevator race?!?! Clearly I need to add to my own list…

    1. I know right? I heard it from someone else and was like, “I need to do that!!”

  2. kaitkatjane · · Reply

    Oh Marie, you are so awesome.

    1. Hahah thanks :)

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