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Freedom and Fear

It’s a funny thing how your perspective on freedom changes as you get older. I remember when I was about 14 or 15, my friends would complain that they didn’t have their permit or their license yet (most of my friends were a year or two older than me) and how they wanted to get […]

D: Dude, Go Away

I’m not sure why it is, but I’m often approached/waved at by very creepy people. Last Sunday at work (I’m a hostess/busser at a restaurant) I had a family come in consisting of a grandmother, a middle aged mom, and her two grown sons. After I seated them at their table and went to seat […]

C is for Contacts

I got contacts yesterday! Yay!! :)It’s kind of a big deal. You see, I’ve had glasses since I was 12 (ish? Maybe 13? I don’t really remember). My first pair were thin and purple and came from Walmart. About 6 months later, however, I was plagued with horrible migraines, so I went to a new […]

I’m Gonna Rock it Up!

On Monday, I started taking swing dances lessons. All I have to say is if you have the opportunity to learn how to swing dance, (or at least dance well) seize it! I have seen so many people “dancing” that have really no idea at all what they are doing. Or more likely they are […]

The Early Bird Falls Asleep in Class! Uh…what?

6:30 A.M. That is the time I had to wake up this morning. Why? I’m not glad you asked because now I have to tell you it was because I had to go to my home school co-op. Blegh :( JAAAAY KAYY! I love co-op (I have to retract my statements often otherwise people throw […]

I hear the beginning’s a great place to start

Until recently, (about 5 minutes ago) I had a blog on Blogger. That didn’t work out so well because I limited myself to what I could post with the whole theme of the blog.  I decided instead of continuing with it, to begin again. That’s the short story long for you.   I’m kind of […]