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O, wonderous weekend, how I have missed thee!

It’s official: I’ve survived the first three weeks of college. Audience says,  “But Marie, we didn’t know you were even in college, let alone graduated from highschool.” Whoops, silly me! Yes, I was homeschooled all my school-age life and I’m now at the University of Awesome, getting my degree in Flipping Fantastic with a concentration […]

The Early Bird Falls Asleep in Class! Uh…what?

6:30 A.M. That is the time I had to wake up this morning. Why? I’m not glad you asked because now I have to tell you it was because I had to go to my home school co-op. Blegh :( JAAAAY KAYY! I love co-op (I have to retract my statements often otherwise people throw […]