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Catch-up and What I’m Reading

I’m a pretty weak blogger as bloggers who blog consistently go. In other words, hi. I’m back maybe? I’ve been trying to get on a more systematic blogging schedule, but it’s only sort of working. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and blogging. But sometimes it gets put on the back burner, which is […]

Book Spotlight: Writing Magic

I recently finished the book, Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine. My review is 5 stars. If you are having trouble finding writing inspiration or keep getting stuck in the middle of a story and can’t seem to find your way out, this book is for you! If you’ve ever read any of Ms. Levine’s […]

Day in the Life of One Fine Feline

This was a post I had written on my old blog and some readers there (actually, just one) liked it, so I thought I’d bring it on over here :) *** I, Sebastian Machocat, was born 4 years ago today. My life has been racked with many perils, including possums, starvation, rats, chickens, mistresses with […]

I hear the beginning’s a great place to start

Until recently, (about 5 minutes ago) I had a blog on Blogger. That didn’t work out so well because I limited myself to what I could post with the whole theme of the blog.  I decided instead of continuing with it, to begin again. That’s the short story long for you.   I’m kind of […]